About us

Vision: To be the most reliable provider of logistics services in its region of operation through constant improvement of the security of provision.

Mission: We help our clients advance their business activities by taking care of efficient organisation of logistics.





  • We apply our experiences and best practices.
  • We meet agreements, deadlines and requirements and take responsibility for our promises and actions.
  • We try to stay up to date and be innovative and be prepared to adapt to market requirements.
  • We value team work and joint achievement of results.


  • We value new ideas, proposals and skills to develop and perfect our organisation of work, thereby helping our clients make their organisation of work more efficient.
  • Our work processes and provision of services aim at cost efficient operation and sustainability. 


  • We focus on our clients’ needs and try to find suitable solutions which we carry out as a unified team.
  • We know how to adapt our organisation of work according to our clients’ needs and we are able to do it.
  • We act responsibly in the interests of our company and we maintain its reputation.
  • We see the varied requests of our clients as an agreeable challenge because we are loyal and proud of our work.   


  • We care about our co-workers and the property and expectations of our company and clients.
  • We save the natural environment by seeking to raise efficiency, thereby reducing unnecessary waste of resources.
  • We are fair and respectful toward our colleagues and business partners.